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orbitz airline tickets

You will have the option of purchasing your airline tickets from a reputable travel agency, or if you prefer, you may also purchase your tickets online via a reputable online booking agency such as: Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz. Etc. orbitz airline tickets

orbitz airline tickets

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orbitz plane tickets

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orbitz plane tickets


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We will be expanding use of the US Bank Corporate (Personal Liability) Travel Card for payment of reimbursable Orbitz airline tickets, travel agency service fees, hotel rooms and rental cars. Corporate travelers, for the most part, are tied to using a designated travel agency to book Orbitz airline tickets and arrange business trips. Orbitz, the airline tickets-owned Web site, is also starting its own wholesale hotel sales program. Employees shall use one of two state-issued charge cards to pay for all reimbursable Orbitz airline tickets, travel agency service fees, conference registration fees, hotel room rates and rental car costs.
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orbitz airline tickets You should continue to use a travel agency or go on-line to purchase Orbitz airline tickets as you have in the past, HOWEVER, tickets MUST be paid for using a Travel Procurement Card or a US Bank Corporate card. Orbitz is a leading online travel company that enables travelers to search for and purchase a broad array of travel products, including airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages. Currently, Southwest and Jet Blue do not display or sell their airline tickets through Orbitz for Business online. It is required that an institutional liability purchasing card (PCard) be used for all reimbursable airline tickets that are arranged by State employees. Rick and Ed will develop procedures for travelers to follow when submitting quotes for airline tickets purchased from other than Adelman or Orbitz. During the first three months of 2002, Orbitz sold over $500 million in airline tickets using the lure of Internet-only fares to move this business from other airlines and agencies that did not have access to these fares.